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I am pleased to be able to add links to pdfs of two of my previously out-of-print publications to this website.

My first foray into publishing took the form of a self-published photobook and essay titled McJunk in 2011. This documented an eight year obsession of photographing McDonald’s litter when ever I came across it. What started out as a personal observational project, turned into a critique of the relationship between graphic design and disposable culture.

I can trace much of my current research practice from this publication, and despite there being many things about it I would change now, and that I allowed the title to lapse and become out-of-print for a long time, I am pleased for the first time to post a PDF of the book I made here.

View/download McJunk here.
You can also read a review of McJunk on Eye Magazine’s blog here.

The second title, Graphic Interruptions, is slightly more recent from 2016, and was only ever printed as a very short-run for personal use. The book slightly pre-dated my interest in the Graphic Commons, and to some extent, (after McJunk), was a catalyst for my thinking around the Graphic Commons, (more details here).

The book collated photographs of graphic design in the everyday that has been visual interrupted in some way. The accompanying essay questions how these interruptions affect the intended reading of these items of graphic design.

You can view/download Graphic Interruptions here.

Published by Nigel Ball

Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design

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