First Things First: 2020

In amongst recent events, maybe for good reason, I missed that a new First Things First manifesto was launched in May. A more radical and critical version, and one that certainly gets my signature.

This time around, as well as signing your support, you can help to rewrite the manifesto itself by submitting your opinions. There are also links to the history of the manifesto over its previous iterations of 1964, 2000 and 2014, and links to resources to help support the conscious designer.

Check out the rewrite, one that sets its sights squarely on graphic design’s role in climate change and unethical capitalist culture, at

As the originators of the new text, Marc O’Brien, Namita Dharia and Ben Gaydos, (amongst others), state: “The people behind the manifesto represent a small fraction of the different types of people that practice design. We simply felt that we needed to start a conversation among the design community on how design plays a role within the context of our climate crisis.”

At the time of writing this post, the manifesto has over 900 signatories. Spread the word.

Published by Nigel Ball

Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design

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