My photographic practice is an integral part of my research process—I use photography as a means to focus my thinking around specific topics, rather than considering the images I make as being outcomes in their own right.

My research interests broadly investigate the visual culture of public space. In this, I seek to question how graphic design in the everyday affects environmental ambiences and human behaviour. I see this research as sitting as much within the fields of urbanism and visual sociology as it does within that of graphic design.

Using psychogeography as a process to help uncover what I might otherwise overlook, photographic dérives provide the opportunity to visually investigate different locations, and to provide source imagery to respond to later. I then explore these contexts through more targeted projects and self-publish my thoughts in print and online. To read / view more, click the title links below.

Graphic Commons
Graphic Commons is an overarching term for discussing graphic design and visual culture in shared environments.

Graphic Interrpretations
Graphic interruptions are items of visual communication that have become interrupted in some way, altering their desired communication and leaving them open to interpretation.

Aesthetics of Convenience
Aesthetics of Convenience is a study of the vinyl window coverings of convenience stores. It considers how these impact on the neighbourhoods and locations they inhabit, and the people who shop and work in them.

McJunk (via Flickr)
McJunk is a visual exploration of McDonald’s litter that questions the disposable culture of graphic design and social responsibility. This long-running photographic investigation has resulted in a 1000 strong Flickr album, a photobook with accompanying essay, numerous blog posts and being exhibited in galleries.

Constitutionals (via Instagram)
Constitutionals are a series of neighbourhood observations from (almost) daily walks during the first full month of lockdown in the UK, April 2020.

Observations and occurrences (via Instagram)
I also use Instagram for more general observations and occurrences I come across on a day-to-day basis.